At DECOROUS CONTRACT, design goes beyond beauty to shift the very way people think and experience the world. Day in and day out, we work to furnish exceptional products and experiences that lend function, elegance, beauty and efficiency to our customers’ work and the environments around us.

Product Sustainability
“Sustainability is just like morals: one should live by them and not just talk about them. Our roots in modern design make the first step easy: we make products that avoid the superfluous and last for a very long time” Rolf Fehlbaum (Chairman of Vitra)

Today, companies are increasingly being judged on what they are doing to take on ecological, social and economic responsibility. Decorous Contract does not see this responsibility as a duty that has to be forced upon the company, but rather as an aspect of design that has always been a part of the company’s industrial culture. At Decorous Contract, it goes without saying that furniture is valuable when its production, utilization and recycling does not harm people or the environment .

Following in the tradition of Charles & Ray Eames, who have influence d Vitra’s approach to sustainability in many ways, product longevity is central to the company’s contribution to sustainable development; short-lived styling is avoided at all costs. This can be seen most clearly in the classical pieces of furniture that have been used for decades, had several owners and have then even ended up as a part of a collection.



To shape and define culture, encourage relevance and social responsibility in art and design, prepare collaborations, synthesize complexity, and catalyze transformation for public good. We bring together the expertise of architecture, product design innovations, urban design, and environmental science to pool knowledge among these fields to define relationships among culture, technology, and design.

We are committed to build a learning organization that cares about client satisfaction. With our creativity, knowledge and resources, we provide solutions that positively impact our business. We supply chairs to cinemas, live theaters, churches, school auditorium, lecture theaters and supplying office furniture and medical center receptions. As well as supplying office furniture and systems, we also cater for refurbishments and maintenance or repairs on site.