Since its establishment in Japan in 1905, KOKUYO has greatly developed by making products that consider the users’ perspective.

KOKUYO has made its contribution to the growth of Japan’s economy by providing products such as paper products essential for work and life as well as other stationery.

For KOKUYO, creativity means solving the small problems people encounter in their work and daily lives, one by one, through the use of creative ideas. In the process, new values are generated which contribute to the creation of a better society. However, this approach is not just about generating new ideas.

KOKUYO’s products are ordinary items you see regularly in daily lives.

That’s why we think what is essentially important and pay special attention to the small things.
In doing so, we elevate the ordinary items.



The key component of that functionality is the use of wire.

The singular-coiled wire technology takes the idea of customization to the next level, offering the user far more precise support, unparalleled within the industry.

The chair directly addresses the growing trend toward multi-device working and free address seating. To this end, a new mechanism posture support seat was designed to eliminate anti-forward leaning postures. The forward tilt support function allows the user to adjust the angle to align the torso and thigh for a well-balance posture position.



Created and Designed by KOKUYO Japanese in-house designer team. AIRFORT is an innovative office chair with advanced functionality. AIRFORT is packed with innovative design with advanced functionality. The prominent aspect of the chair is the air-controlled lumbar support and heat dispersing seat cushioning. These functions pave the way for a new era of comfort and style.

The key component of that functionality is its concealed adjustable lumbar-support air bag. It allows the shape of the seat back to be customized to suit the shape of the user’s spine. Those with more pronounced spinal curvature can inflate the air bag to increase support relieve fatigue over long periods of sitting. AIRFORT provides the support where you need it.



AIRGRACE reflects an Energetic and lively design. The frame design depicts an unlimited true expression of freedom and artistic value. By leaving the chair alone, it symbolizes a fashion statement by itself. Whether is in a casual environment, to a designer’s ambience. AIRGRACE set your imaginations wild! It provides an endless choice of creating your own fashion statement from within.

The lumbar-support is an integral part of the chair that offers support to diverse shapes of body postures. Our belief is that the lumbar-support is not just meant for sophisticated design and upmarket chairs, but is an indispensable function that is essential for all office workers at large. It is our belief and desire to bring the most important element; the air-lumbar support to a diverse group of people



Why we need a simple chair?

They say simplicity is beautiful, we certainly agree. Save all hassle on complicated function or even unwanted feature on the chair. Having a simple chair does not means you have to sacrifice your well-being and health.

We know, a lot of us sit for a long period of time, therefore we design to have mesh back rest to propelled away unwanted heat to keep long hours sitting cooling and comfortable.

Combining the elements of simple, innovative and price economic, we inject these elements by having various forms of comfort and design to suit all type of users.

In-line with our design philosophy of People + Design, we wanted the PROSEAT not just looks good, but it should and serve the minimum requirements of comfort and innovative.


Simple and innovative, that is the way we want PROSEAT fabric to be.

With its simple and yet comprehensive functions, you do not need to splash your dollars to get a quality chair.

PROSEAT fabric combines innovative and comfort support, with great looks and more than you ever ask for from any other work chair in its price category.

Innovation is the key. How then can we combine the look and innovation as one?

PROSEAT fabric was design in mind of having a simple and yet innovative chair combined as one. We try to keep things as simple as possible but at the same time, we want to inject the innovative element in it. With this in mind, PROSEAT Fabric was borne.


Our goal is the designed a chair that is meant for everyday use. Is the everyday chair that fulfill the least minimum requirements without sacrificing the style and the comfort for the everyday use.

The lumbar support can be adjusted in 3 different levels to fit comfortably according to the Curve of the spine, thus, provide additional support to lower back.

Entry combines with innovation and comfort support, with the look that last and more than You ever ask for from any work chair in its price category.

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